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Parkinson's Disease (AMDA Clinical Guideline; new edition 2010)

Parkinson's Disease (AMDA Clinical Guideline; new edition 2010)

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Parkinson's Disease (PD) is a progressive, degenerative neurologic disorder that commonly presents late in life. Although there is no known cure for PD, treatment can often prolong the patient's life, improve mobility and function, and enhance dignity and quality of life. Early detection of PD is essential to its effective treatment. Understanding all the manifestations of the disease; the importance of basic, competent primary nursing and medical care; the roles of various disciplines, therapies, and specialties; and the concept of realistic goal setting for the individual patient are essential to effective treatment of PD. Effective treatment should be multifaceted, taking into consideration not only the individual patient's physical needs, but also his or her spiritual, social, and emotional needs and concerns as well as those of the family.

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