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Nursing Leadership for Patient-Centered Care

Nursing Leadership for Patient-Centered Care

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Too often, both nurses and patients witness major breakdowns in the health care system-ineffective communication, unrealistic nurse-patient ratios, tension among staff, abuse of authority, and most importantly, managers drawn away from patients due to administrative duties. This inspiring guide presents engaging, real-life stories of nurses, managers, and leaders who have experienced failures of the system firsthand, and have been motivated to critically examine, address, and resolve them.

This collection of narratives includes practical methods, models, and strategies that nurses can apply to enhance and expand their own practices. Readers will gain a wealth of insight on how to overcome narrow-mindedness and egocentrism, to improve their management, leadership, communication, and organizational skills, and ultimately to bring real reform to health care practices and patient care.

Key features:
  • Presents stories of actual management issues and how nurse leaders/managers, nursing staff, and patients have handled them
  • Identifies harmful trends in the health care system that can be analyzed and remedied
  • Encourages nurse managers to shift the prevailing "system-centered" orientation to one that is "patient-centered"
  • Provides a phenomenologically based leadership/management model for resolving nursing issues institutionally and individually
  • Includes methods for addressing cultural and religious barriers among staff

  • An engaging, enjoyable read, this book will empower readers to learn from these narratives and to dramatically transform the health care system at large.

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