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The Staff Stability Toolkit with CD-ROM

The Staff Stability Toolkit with CD-ROM

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High turnover of staff at all levels and departments has been a persistent problem in health care for decades. Turnover has been shown to undermine the continuity of care as well as consume financial resources that could otherwise be allocated to improving care and services.

This toolkit, from Healthcentric Advisors, is a "how-to" guide to stabilize staffing with practical tools for both immediate and long-term use. It combines concepts, practices, exercises, and tools to assist you in the systematic process of determining the root cause of a problem and identifying potential interventions.

The toolkit is divided into five sections:

1.  Data Collection - Necessary tools to collect and understand your data. You will learn about your organization's current status regarding staff stability, turnover, and absenteeism, as well as the financial implications. Understand what is happening in your organization prior so you can implement strategies to improve it.
2.  Holistic Approach to Transformational Change (HATCh™) - An introduction to using the HATCh™ Model to implement quality improvement strategies.
3.  Strategies - Strategies to make this work an organizational imperative that includes employees from every department.
4.  Management and Leadership Practices - Practices that support stability including recruitment, attendance, and consistent assignment.
5.  Using Your Training Budget Strategically - Information on how to maximize your staff training resources.

The material is straightforward and easy to digest with graphics and icons that highlight key elements, financial strategies, and examples/best practices.

In addition, the kit includes a CD-ROM with worksheets to help you collect and analyze data on common staffing issues that affect stability and turnover.

The Staff Stability Toolkit is an excellent resource for the AHCA/NCAL Quality Initiative.

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