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How To Be a Nurse Assistant Premium Student Combo Pack, 6th Edition

How To Be a Nurse Assistant Premium Student Combo Pack, 6th Edition

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Detailed Description
AHCA/NCAL Publications is now offering the 6th edition How to Be A Nurse Assistant Student Textbook as an e-book. The convenient e-book is readable on computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Unfortunately, we will no longer carry the printed version of the textbook. When you purchase this kit, you will receive an email with log-in information and directions on how to access the electronic version of the student textbook. Print versions for all other books that make up the combo pack or kit will be shipped directly to you.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we transition from the 6th edition to the new and more interactive 7th edition.

The Premium Student Combo pack includes the student textbook, the workbook, and the DVD Skills video - everything you or your students need for the CNA course, and all at an exceptional price. You won't find a better deal than this.

The 6th edition of How To Be a Nurse Assistant continues a tradition of excellence with the most thorough, patient-centered training available. These latest revisions include:
  • Updated CDC Guidelines for infection control
  • New HIPAA standards
  • Elder Justice reporting requirements
  • Standard of care updates

    Used by training programs al over the country, How To Be a Nurse Assistant has over 500 full-color photos and illustrations that clearly demonstrate and teach the work of a CNA, fully preparing students to for CNA certification. It is comprehensive yet easy to read.

    Written and developed by registered nurses with over 25 years of experience, How To Be a Nurse Assistant helps the instructor bring out the best in every student.

    Topics covered:
  • Long term, subacute, prenatal, and postnatal care
  • Applications of OBRA
  • Step-by-step procedures and critical finishing steps
  • Prevention and control of infection
  • Specific methods and procedures for giving the best quality care including positioning and moving a patient, assisting with nutrition, maintaining and improving skin integrity, dealing with emergencies, pain management, and end of life care
  • How to enhance the quality of life of your patients
  • How to communicate and interact effectively with patients and co-workers
  • Preparing for the certification exam, including quizzes and a practice certification exam.
  • How to enjoy a successful career as a certified nurse assistant

    The workbook is designed to accompany the textbook and helps students master their caregiving skills and process what they are learning in the course. With a variety of quizzes and exercises that go with every chapter of the student textbook, students can assess their comprehension and instructors can see what areas need more review. The 60-question practice exam and skills checklist at the end of the workbook will ensure that students are fully prepared for their certification exams. Answers are provided in the Instructor's Manual.

    The 6th edition How To Be a Nurse Assistant DVD clearly demonstrates key skills and procedures that nurse assistant students need to know to pass their certification exams. It shows what CNAs do and how they do it, with real CNAs and patients demonstrating common preparation steps, how to perform specific skills, and common completion steps. It is a great complement to the curriculum.

    Skills covered:
  • Handwashing
  • Making an occupied bed
  • Moving up in bed when your resident is unable to help
  • Turning a resident from supine to side lying for personal care
  • The stand pivot transfer
  • Moving your resident with a mechanical lift
  • Denture care
  • Shaving your male resident
  • Care of fingernails
  • Assisting your resident with meals
  • Feeding your resident
  • Assisting with walking.

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