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Daily Living Skills Handbook

Daily Living Skills Handbook

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Over the years, the term "daily living skills" has come to mean many things to many people. To some, it pertains to matters of personal hygiene. To others, it implies cooking skills, or money management or use of transportation. Actually, they all are daily living skills. But there are so many more.

How It Helps You

After nearly thirty years in the field of mental health training, we have taken daily living skills back to a starting point. We must assume that to many chronically mentally disordered individuals the very basic skills to be learned in adolescence were omitted due to the onset of the symptoms. Perhaps this is why so many adult mentally disordered persons fail to live successfully outside residential facilities or the family home. If they have been able to live in an apartment for any length of time, they continue to have problems not so much with the mental illness, but with combating the lack of knowledge of "how to" in many areas that are taken for granted. The chronically mentally ill individual whose symptoms became noticeable during puberty may miss out on the opportunity to learn how to write checks, pay bills, use the bus or trolley, cook and clean, rent an apartment, meet people of the opposite sex and form a loving relationship. In order to live independently, one must be independent. Hopefully, this training manual will assist the trainer in teaching these skills.

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