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Accountability in Nursing: Six Strategies to Build and

Accountability in Nursing: Six Strategies to Build and

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You're six simple steps away from building a culture of accountability

Accountability is a hot topic in nursing and many nurse managers striving to improve their organizations ask themselves, "How can I get my staff to be accountable?"

It's easy to become frustrated when your staff lack accountability and when they fail to do what is expected of them. And it's often a struggle to bridge the gap between your staff's performance and your expectations.

Accountability in Nursing: Six Strategies to Build and Maintain a Culture of Commitment provide you with six easy-to-follow steps that will help you hold staff accountable for their behaviors and actions.

You will learn how to:
  • Set and hold staff to expectations for nursing behavior
  • Use active listening and assertive speaking
  • Recognize when people do not make a commitment
  • Change non-commitments to commitments
  • Engage staff to make commitments to participate in important initiatives

    With Accountability in Nursing as your guide, you have the tools to hold your staff, your peers, your superiors-and even yourself-accountable for providing excellent patient care.

    Bonus tools on CD-ROM
    The included CD-ROM contains bonus tools such as an accountability pocket card. This quick reference tool contains the right language to use during difficult conversations and tips to hold others accountable.

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