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Evidence Based Practice Made Simple Care Practice

Evidence Based Practice Made Simple Care Practice

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Evidence-Based Practice Made Simple

 demystifies the purpose, meaning, and application of evidence-based practice (EBP).


It clarifies the difference between EBP and nursing research, explaining what EBP is how nurses can find, analyze, and interpret published literature, and how they can make changes to hospital procedures based on research to improve patient care.

In recent years, evidence-based practice has become increasingly important in the nursing profession as a result of the drive for better outcomes and higher satisfaction ratings, including value-based purchasing and HCAHPS.


Nurses know that quality and outcomes improvement hinges on the use of proven techniques supported by evidence and that the health of the organization hinges on those improvements. As such, many nurses want to use research to find

their own answers to clinical questions, but they don't know where to begin.


This book is the first step.

Written for use in the busy workplace, it presents the basics of EBP in a non-intimidating, easy-to-digest format.



  • An easy-to-read, yet professional introduction to EBP that will appeal to time-pressured nurses.
  • Expert advice packed into a small, approachable format
  • Easy techniques to assimilate new, effective practices and get buy-in from peers, management, and the organization.



 To view or download the table of contents, click here.


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Very short and simplistic
This is a very simplistic book about evidence-based practice and research, which may be helpful for someone who has never heard this term before. However, if you have even a rudimentary understanding of these concepts you will likely want a more in-depth text. Most importantly though, I did not think the book was worth the cost $95.00. it is just over 100 pages in length and the print is quite large so there is not a lot of actual content.

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