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The Nurse Leader's Guide to Business Skills

The Nurse Leader's Guide to Business Skills

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Innovative concepts to help you plan, forecast, and evaluate nursing return on investment (ROI) Take charge of your department's financial health and take your knowledge of healthcare management to the next level with The Nurse Leader's Guide to Business Skills. Authors Pamela Hunt, BS, MSN, RN, and Deborah Laughon, RN, BSN, MS, DBA, CCRN, provide tools to build skills and broaden understanding of the healthcare environment beyond basic budget and financial management. Forecast your department's financial resources with ready-to-use nursing tools, time-saving strategies, and sample case studies.


The only basic guide to finance and budgeting written for nurse managers and nurse leaders

Comprehend the financial side of healthcare through easy-to-understand advice

Eliminate guesswork with straightforward descriptions of each section of important financial forms and reports 

Save time with plain English definitions of potentially confusing financial terminology

Secure executive buy-in with concise explanations of how the nursing department's financial performance affects the entire organization

Handle the budget process with quick and helpful field-tested tips and reminders

Prepare budget presentations and build business plans with simple and easy-to-follow instructions 

Obtain adequate financial support for the department through right-way, wrong-way tips

Provide time-saving insight to ancillary leaders who also need financial training

Bonus tools included with your book: 

Sample Hospital SWOT

Sample Payer Mix

Sample Surgical Department SWOT

Sample Agenda for Critical Care Department Planning Retreat

Sample Schedule for Planning Session

Sample 15-year Plan Spreadsheet

Fixed Costs Chart " Variable Costs Chart

Total Costs Chart " Planning Checklist " Staff Planning Workbook

Plan, Do, Study Act Plan for Rapid Cycle Improvements

"Five S" Strategy

Core Performance Metrics Grid for Concise Communication

Sample HCAHPS Composite Score Trending Presentation

Understanding the fundamentals of staff planning is important, but it's easy to get bogged down with calculations. This book makes the work easy by including a staffing model toolkit to do the work for you. You'll find 8- and 12-hour staffing model spreadsheet calculators and a productivity worksheet so you can stay within budgeted target hours and evaluate different shift and skill mix percentages without doing the math!

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