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Finance and Budgeting Made Simple: Essential Skills for Nurses

Finance and Budgeting Made Simple: Essential Skills for Nurses

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In this time of healthcare reform, nurse leaders are held accountable for the financial aspect of healthcare more than ever before. Ensure you understand the financial terminology, your budget statement, and how to successfully plan and budget for your department with the straightforward explanations found in Finance and Budgeting Made Simple: Essentials Skills for Nurses.

KT Waxman, DNP, MBA, RN, CNL, CENP, CHSE, has taken her years of experience teaching nurses about finance and budgeting and crafted an essential book for new managers as well as anyone who needs more guidance on budgeting. It covers only the information you need and takes you step by step through your budget so you understand each part and know what to do.

Trust Finance and Budgeting Made Simple to help you understand your unit's budget, plan appropriate staffing, get involved in setting budgets, and make budgeting presentations to senior staff.


The only basic guide to finance and budgeting written for nurse managers and nurse leaders

Comprehend the financial side of healthcare through easy-to-understand advice

Eliminate guesswork with straightforward descriptions of each section of important financial forms and reports

Save time with plain English definitions of potentially confusing financial terminology

Secure executive buy-in with concise explanations of how the nursing department's financial performance affects the entire organization

Handle the budget process with quick and helpful field-tested tips and reminders

Prepare budget presentations and build business plans with simple and easy-to-follow instructions

Obtain adequate financial support for the department through right-way, wrong-way tips

Provide time-saving insight to ancillary leaders who also need financial training

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