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Effective Nurse Leadership: Transforming Long-Term Care

Effective Nurse Leadership: Transforming Long-Term Care

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There are many talented long-term care nurses who envision ways to transform their communities to enhance patient outcomes with person-centered care, but do not have the authority, proper skill set, or opportunity to lead and implement those changes effectively. These nurses need transformational learning opportunities and leadership frameworks to share their ideas and lead change with adaptability, empowerment, innovation, and critical thinking.

Effective Nurse Leadership: Transforming Long-Term Care provides guidance on how to build the skills necessary for leading transformation in the long-term care setting. This book also provides steps to help steer, facilitate, and implement change as well as effective methods to create a culture that is adaptable to change and encourages new ideas for person-centered care.


This book will help readers:

  • Understand the leader's role in creating an organizational culture that is nimble and adaptable
  • Build the skills, tools, and approach needed to lead transformation
  • Facilitate change and implement successful methods to create a culture that can adapt new ideas for person-centered care
  • Strategize ways to initiate and maintain effective culture change efforts while cultivating momentum for the development of person-centered care
  • Develop a framework for harnessing enthusiasm and empowering team members to encourage continuous thought leadership and innovation throughout the organization

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