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Because of the nature of this e-product (immediate access to content and download), there are no refunds available.

If you haven't yet transitioned from the 6th edition to the new 7th edition, now is the time! The new is the Instructor's Manual AND the Student Workbook combined! subscription is valid through the life of the 7th edition (thru Dec 31, 2019) and includes everything you need to run a successful CNA training course.

You'll get all the tools and resources of an Instructor's Manual PLUS printable quizzes and practice exams to use in your classes with your students. It's the Instructor's Manual AND a Student Workbook combined!

View from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer anytime in the classroom or on the go!

Content includes:
  • Printable Quizzes for Each Chapter with Answer Keys
  • Printable Practice Exams with Answer Keys
  • Competency Checklists
  • 75-, 100-, 120-, and 150-Hour Course Calendars
  • Curriculum Guides and Crosswalks
  • Course and Clinical evaluation forms
  • State-specific requirements and information
  • Sample Equipment List
  • English-Spanish Spanish-English Glossary

    You'll also find helpful resources that will make your classes run smoothly. We've mapped the 7th edition to the 6th edition to help you make a quick and easy transition. There's also a downloadable glossary of medical terms, common medical abbreviations, Answer Keys for quizzes that appear in the textbook, a skills completion record, a lesson plan template, and curriculum outlines for each chapter.

    Additionally, provides teaching tips for handling the various challenges you face in the classroom. Figure out how best to plan your class time, prepare your students for their state exams, get specific suggestions on teaching ESL students, learn to address cultural differences and conflict, and be prepared to handle literacy and language issues. sets you up to teach a top-notch nurse assistant training that brings out the best in everyone.
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