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End of Life Nutrition and Hydration Manual

End of Life Nutrition and Hydration Manual

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The End of Life Nutrition and Hydration manual details advance directives related to nutrition, hydration and end of life care planning including:

  • End of life medical nutrition therapy: nutrition screening, nutrition care process, nutrition assessment, nutrition focused physical examination, laboratory assessment, evaluating for dehydration, fluid/electrolyte balance, anemia; determining diagnosis of malnutrition; estimating nutritional needs including advice on mathematical formulas when indirect calorimetry is not available
  • Details and guidance on benefits and risks of enteral nutrition at the end of life, making the decision to provide enteral nutrition, tube feeding and dementia, considerations for health care providers
  • Choosing comfort-guided nutrition care, palliative care and hospice care
  • End of life symptoms that may affect nutritional care, end-of-life pain and discomfort related to food and fluid intake
  • Legal issues and end of life care
  • Enteral nutrition at the end of life including: selecting the type of feeding, nutrition care of the tube-fed patient, selecting enteral formulas, delivery methods, determining schedules and administration of the feeding, using feeding tubes to deliver medications, drug-nutrient interactions, complication of enteral feeding, monitoring for refeeding syndrome, and discontinuing enteral feeding
  • Sample policies and procedures, resources, sample forms, etc.
  • Meeting state and federal regulations for nursing facilities: surveyor guidance, CMS tube feeding assessment form, hospice/end of life/palliative care critical element pathway; review of the MDS 3.0 and the care planning process
  • Patient/family/surrogate education tools: FAQs and copy ready educational handouts
  • Appendix full of additional resources
  • 3 Inservices on End of Life of Nutrition and Hydration Inservice; Tube Feed or Not Tube Feed Inservice and Nutrition-Guided Comfort Care Inservice
  • Plus additional educational materials

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