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Aging in the Right Place

Aging in the Right Place

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Encouraging new ways to look at the question of how to grow old successfully, Aging in the Right Place highlights the profound significance of where older people live and receive care. This book explores many pathways to thriving in old age, ranging from aging in place to moving to housing and care settings specially tailored to match a person's lifestyle and vulnerabilities.

A thorough overview of available residential options and care settings for aging adults provides the backdrop for a deeper discussion of the often overlooked emotional challenges individuals face because of changes in their health, mobility, finances, marital status, and communities. Author Stephen Golant, Ph.D., introduces a new framework of "residential normalcy" to help understand how older adults feel about these changes and effectively cope with the problems of where they live.

Expansive in its coverage, Aging in the Right Place examines the current role of family assistance, private sector initiatives, and government programs along with the future potential of smart home technologies and innovative housing, planning, and long-term care solutions. Additionally, this comprehensive resource

  • paints a vibrant picture of the diverse experiences of today's older adults
  • abounds with engaging and illustrative case studies, opinions, stories, and quotes
  • presents a new model for understanding the challenging balance between meeting the sometimes conflicting need for emotional comfort in a setting, but also physical competence and a sense of control
  • offers 10 key takeaways on the importance of environment in determining whether older people age successfully
  • identifies housing and care topics that need further research, reform, support, and public awareness

    Written by a gerontologist with decades of professional experience in the field as well as personal experience as a family caregiver, this exceptional and cohesive text is essential for gerontology, long-term care, healthcare, housing, planning, and public service professionals, practitioners, and academics.

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