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Baldridge Excellence Framework Health

Baldridge Excellence Framework Health

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Proven Leadership and Management Practices for High Performance

This leadership and performance management framework for the healthcare sector empowers your organization to accomplish its mission, improve results, and become more competitive. Whether your health care organization is new, is growing, or has existed for many years, it faces daily and long-term challenges. It also has strengths that have served you well so far. The Baldrige Excellence Framework helps you identify and leverage your strengths and prepares to face your challenges and address issues that are important to your organization, including:

  • Understanding what it takes to be competitive and achieve long-term success in your environment
  • Getting your leaders, managers, workforce, and physicians all on the same page
  • Ensuring that your employees understand and can contribute to the drivers of your organization's success
  • Understanding, and meeting or exceeding, patients' and other customers' requirements and expectations
  • Ensuring that your operations are efficient and lead to short- and long-term success

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